Red Emperor are a popular food species and are the most commonly targeted offshore species. Most of the offshore activity for reef species around Weipa is conducted by recreational fishers.

  • Overview


    Crystal Bowl GBR is aiming to examine 3 core measures across a wide range of species in the region:

    • Fishing experience (how many fish per trip)
    • Quality of the fish (size of fish)
    • Community attitudes (number of legal size fish kept to released)


    Fishing Experience

    • 2017 Qld Fisheries Boat Ramp Surveys reported a catch rate of 0.59 fish/fisher/day
    • Red Emporer were not commonly reported in Weipa in 2017 (15th most common at boat ramp surveys)
    • Not commercially targeted


    Quality of the Fish

    • 2017 Qld Fisheries Boat Ramp Surveys reported an average length of 500mm
    • Weipa ranked 12th in the state for average length in 2017


    Community Attitudes

    • 82% of Red Emperor caught in 2017 were released
    • 67% of fish reported in 2017 were caught by locals
    • Weipa ranked 11th in the state for fish released in 2017


  • Forecast

    Limited Take For Consumption Advised

    Forecast Pending.

    Heavy harvesting of Red Emporer is not recommended, but a limited take for consumption is unlikely to adversely affect stocks based on available data. 


  • Qld FIsheries Boat Ramp Surveys 

    Monitoring of Recreational Catch by Qld Fisheries

    Queensland Fisheries monitors boat ramps up and down the coast as a part of the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy. Fishers in Weipa report catching Red Emperor with most being returned to the water. Monitoring began in 2017 and continues in 2018.

    • Red Emperor was not a commonly reported species, ranking 15th in Weipa in 2017
    • An average length of 500mm was reported in 2017
    • Recreational Fishers reported a catch rate of 0.59 fish/fisher/day
    • 82% of fish reported in 2017 were released
    • 67% of fish reported in 2017 were caught by locals
    • The peak periods for Red Emperor catches in 2017 was during April and November


    Qld Fisheries Boat Ramp Surveys monitoring dashboard


  • Sportfishers

    Red Emperor

    Red Emperor are targeted by sportfishers for much the same reason as other groups - take home for a feed. As sportfishers practice catch and release for their key estuary targets, offshore represents the opportunity to bring back a feed of fish for the family.



    A snapshot of Sportfisher (Suntaggers) results is available:

    Local Sportfishers


  • Monitoring

    Monitoring of Red Emperor

    Data for this assessment has been sourced from:

    • Bureau of Meterology
    • Queensland Fisheries
    • Local Sportfishers


    Here are links to all the monitoring pages for Red Emperor:

    Local Sportfishers
    Weipa Queensland FisheriesBoat Ramp Surveys

  • Fishing Area

    Area Assessed

    Offshore catch monitoring is more difficult than inshore as each of the monitoring agencies define different boundaries around fishing areas. For this assessment commercial gridsJ21-R21 and J22-R22 were used.