Market Research and Business Intelligence

It's hard to seperate the opportunity from the hype. At Infofish we track the fishery, trends and the influencers that can make a difference to your business.

Is this your year?

We help businesses to plan for the good and bad years and look for alternative species that may be on the up. Fishers love good news - so letting them know in advance what they need to get ready is good for business.

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  • Get the right settings

    Depending on age and habits your customers will be visiting different social media and real media channels.  We can help you get your settings right across all your channels.

  • Social influencers are not all equal.

    We can dig into social data and find the right influencers for your products

  • Aligning Audience

    We understand which groups appeal to different audiences and can help develop strategies that will appeal to different individuals.

Finding Influencers and Customers

There are a lot of guys with a social reach but are they talking to the right people for you. We can help you assess and identify influencer talent with hard data, as well as locate the right audience for you wherever they may be.

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Business Intelligence for Fishers and Fishing Businesses

Bring the latest business intelligence tools to your business... combine social media, marketing, sales and production data into a single platform that keeps your finger on the pulse no matter where you are.

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Attend conventions and spend more time fishing with the confidence of daily updates.