Data Collection

With so much of the data collection in fisheries focused on Science, the needs of fishers and business are left behind. That is why Infofish Australia is different, we only focus on the needs of the fishing community.

Trusted data at an affordable price

With over a million fish and projects delivered to hundreds of clients, Infofish is the most trusted source of fisheries data in Australia.

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  • Wherever the fish are

    Freshwater, Estuary, Inshore, Offshore

  • Infofish is a trusted datasource

    We have worked with all levels of community from individuals to federal.    

  • Recruitment Surveys

    Healthy fisheries rely on successful spawning.  Infofish has over 10 years experience with many species.

Fisher Focused

Our methods take into account the needs of fishers and fishing businesses and are aimed at solving real world problems.  From understanding the state of a fishery to creating new business opportunities, Infofish will be there every step of the way.

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Latest Technology

Infofish has invested in technology that improves data quality and reduces costs to collect and process data. Our technology enables us to manage data collection across the country from a central location.

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Infofish technology is perfect for Citizen Science projects, creating greater community engagement and buy-in on projects.