Season 2018 forecasts

Fitzroy Barramundi

Stocks to continue to decline while the catch rate for legal fish to remain strong at 1.0-1.4 fish/fisher/day however recruitment will be poor/moderate for the 3rd year in row.

Fitzroy King Threadfin

Stocks to continue to remain steady and historically high with the catch rate for legal fish to remain steady at 0.3-0.7 fish/fisher/day while trophy fish over 1m will feature more strongly in the catch. Recruitment appears to be up on the last 2 years however it will be some time before that can be reliably assessed.

Gladstone Barramundi

Stock level to remain steady with the additional fish that spilled from Lake Awoonga in 2017 with the catch rates to also remain steady at 2.0-2.4 fish/fisher/day but elevated in the Boyne River, however natural recruitment is likely to be poor.